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Building more dams won't create more water

Rachel Siewert 11 Sep 2006

"Unless Mr Turnbull wakes up to the huge impact that climate change is having on the security of our water resources, the National Water Initiative will go off the rails," said Senator Rachel Siewert today.

Senator Siewert slammed comments by Malcolm Turnbull criticising state government efforts to reduce the demand for water and suggesting that they should be investing in new infrastructure to increase supply.

"Building more dams and pipes is not a solution when the water simply isn't there."

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Senate report raises serious water concerns

Rachel Siewert 7 Sep 2006

Senator Rachel Siewert, Chair of the Rural, Regional & Transport References Committee tabled a report today that raises serious concerns about the state of the nation's water policy initiatives.

"The committee raised major concerns about the issues of climate change, the over-allocation of our river systems, the need for water recycling and increasing conflict between urban and rural demands for a greater share of a depleting resource," said Senator Siewert.

The report said that, while the extent of climate change may be uncertain,

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Water recycling still the way of the future

Rachel Siewert 30 Jul 2006

"It is hugely disappointing that in Australia we have come to the sad state of affairs where a local community has been forced into voting over their future water supply – this is a symptom of Government's failure to address the water issue in Australia" said Senator Rachel Siewert today.

"We live in the driest inhabited continent on earth, and yet both state and federal Governments have consistently failed to come to grips with this. Government has failed to plan appropriately, invest in infrastructure and to make the hard decisions on water conservation and use.

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Government needs to take Water Initiative

Rachel Siewert 5 Jun 2006

Greens Senator Rachel Siewert today welcomed new research released by the CSIRO and Monash University on Australia's pending water crisis.

"Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth and World Environment Day is a timely reminder for the Howard Government that water is Australia's most precious resource. How we allocate and use water is one of the most significant issues we face," said Senator Siewert

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Commonwealth Control of Water is No Answer

Rachel Siewert 3 Jun 2006

Giving the Commonwealth control over water resources won't solve the water crisis in Australia – according to Senator Rachel Siewert, spokesperson on water for the Australian Greens.


"While I have sympathy for Senator Bill Heffernan's frustration over the appalling state of our water resources, giving control to the Commonwealth is not the answer."


"One of the major issues facing the Murray River is climate change – this will affect not only water allocation to farmers, but is a grave threat to environmental flows in the Murray."


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