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Treasury supports Greens health policy

The Australian Greens today applauded the Department of Treasury for supporting the long-standing Greens policy of scrapping the private health insurance rebate.

"It is good to see the experts in the Treasury Department recognising that this Howard era measure is bad policy," said Australian Greens health spokesperson Senator Rachel Siewert.

"The private health insurance rebate takes money away from public hospitals and puts it straight in the deep pockets of the private health insurance industry."

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'Secret' Treasury analysis confirms true IR agenda

"Secret advice to government on the impact of the IR 'reforms' confirms that the Government's real agenda was always about lowering wages, and their claims about boosting productivity were spurious," says Senator Siewert.

"These laws were always about reducing wages and attacking unions."

The Government derided academics and those opposing these laws for criticising its productivity claims and saying the minimum wage would drop - but the Treasury advice confirms both points.

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