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Government using welfare to 'coerce' parents on health checks – Greens

"The compulsory health checks were illegal from the outset. Now the government is trying to fix its mistake by using the threat of stringent welfare checks to coerce parents who refuse health checks for their children," Senator Rachel Siewert, Greens Indigenous Affairs spokesperson said in Alice Springs today.

"The Indigenous communities I have spoken with in Alice Springs want to work with the government to get the best outcomes for their children and families. Using welfare to coerce parents is confrontational and counterproductive."

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Greens: Apply new baby bonus rules to all

The Greens want all parents to receive the Baby Bonus in fortnightly payments, not just those under the age of 18.

The Greens will today seek to amend the Government's baby bonus legislation to extend fortnightly payments to all recipients unless a lump sum is specifically approved.

The reasons the Government put forward for limiting payments to those under 18 apply to all parents, and in fact many of those reasons apply more to those over 18.

"Young mothers have been unduly discriminated against in this legislative change."

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