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Apology to the Forgotten Australians

The Australian Greens also wholeheartedly support this motion. Anybody who was in the Great Hall and heard the apology could not fail to be moved by the words that were spoken and the genuine emotion that people felt upon hearing those words. It is genuinely a very significant step in helping the forgotten Australians and former child migrants to heal.

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Australian Greens welcome formal apology to Forgotten Australians and former child migrants

The Australian Greens welcome the announcement of a formal apology by the Australian Government to the Forgotten Australians and former child migrants.

The federal government today announced the apology will take place at a special remembrance event in Parliament House in Canberra on 16 November 2009.

"I welcome the news of an official apology to more than 500,000 Australians - many of whom suffered abuse and neglect while in out-of-home care last century," Greens Community Services Spokesperson, Rachel Siewert said.

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Widening gap in Indigenous disadvantage symptomatic of a failing approach - Greens

The release today of a report showing that indicators of Indigenous social and economic disadvantage haven't improved and in some cases have got worse should be a strong signal to Government that the dictatorial, top-down approach taken by both the Howard and Rudd Governments simply isn't working and needs to change.

"Today's release of the Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage report is a sharp wake-up call for Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, and Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin," said Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert today.

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Labor must listen to parents on junk food

The Australian Greens have urged the Rudd Government to follow the advice of parents and health groups and restrict junk food advertising aimed at children.

Greens Health Spokesperson, Western Australian Senator Rachel Siewert said that earlier this year the Government had refused to allow a vote in the Senate on a Greens’ Protecting Children from Junk Food Advertising (Broadcasting Amendment) Bill which would have banned junk food advertising during children’s peak television viewing times and restricted junk food advertising in schools.

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No reason behind public health education & research cuts

"Cutting the Public Health Education and Research Program (PHERP) was clearly a short-sighted, penny-pinching measure -which will ultimately cost us because of poorer public health outcomes in the longer term," said Senator Rachel Siewert today.

Evidence to Senate Estimates late yesterday indicated that cutting PHERP was purely a cost-saving measure that did not reflect the performance of the program or any review of research and education needs.

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Single parents must not be left behind

The Australian Greens today called for the Government to include single parents in the pension increases foreshadowed for the Budget.

"If the Rudd Budget duds single parents, the Greens will take the Government on in the Senate," said Australian Greens spokesperson on Community Affairs, Senator Rachel Siewert.

"The Government's line that they are ‘robbing the rich to pay the poor' is in reality a very selective Robin Hood approach, with some of the people most in need missing out entirely.

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