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Mr Morrison must stop bullying people on income support

The Greens have said that Mr Morrison’s continued attacks on people on income support is cruel and demonising of people in our community who are doing it the toughest.

Greens Leader Adam Bandt said that his electorate of Melbourne was one of the hardest hit by every reduction to JobSeeker, and that Scott Morrison's actions demonstrated he didn't care about the genuine causes of unemployment.

Lines from Leader of the Australian Greens and Member for Melbourne Adam Bandt MP:

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MYEFO shows yet again that the Liberals are locking in inequality and damage from climate change, the Greens say.

“The economy continues to be underpinned by Government spending, with state governments’ investment in social housing and public transport responsible for a lot of the improved outlook," Greens Economic Justice Spokesperson Senator Nick McKim said.

"But wages growth has been revised down following the Government’s announcement that they will reduce public sector wage increases.”

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Senate votes against delaying liquid assets test for people on JobSeeker 

Yesterday I sought the support of the Senate to disallow the reintroduction of the liquid assets test waiting period for new claims for JobSeeker Payment, Youth Allowance and Austudy made from 25 September.
I am very disappointed that the Senate did not support the Greens disallowance motion to ensure that people who lose their jobs can get access to income support as soon as possible during this crisis. 
It is very unfair to make people use up almost all of their savings before they can access income support. It leaves them in a very precarious position. 

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Greens Party Room locks in fight against cuts to JobSeeker and Youth Allowance

The Australian Greens Party Room has today resolved to campaign to keep the raised rate of JobSeeker after the coronavirus pandemic, urging other parties not to cave into Scott Morrison’s efforts to halve income support and send over a million people below the poverty line.

“The new JobSeeker rate must be kept in full after the pandemic,” Greens Leader Adam Bandt MP said.

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