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Renewed push to dump energy supplement another cut for struggling Australians: Greens

The renewed push to remove the energy supplement for income support recipients is another assault on people who will be struggling to get by on extremely low income support payments, Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

“The Government is unrelenting in its attempts to erode and weaken the social safety net as a way to balance the books. People accessing the social safety net can’t afford to lose any more money.

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Greens join peak welfare bodies in opposing energy supplement cut

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert has welcomed a joint letter from peak welfare organisations opposing the Government’s cut to the energy supplement.

“In real terms, removing the energy supplement is a cut to an income support payment that desperately needs lifting.

“It still staggers me that the Government is happy to chip away at payments to our most vulnerable to plug up the budget. Time and time again we have said that there are better ways to balance the books.

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WA to face 40% decrease in rainfall, as Tony Abbott moves to repeal the Clean Energy Package

The Australian Greens said today that a new research paper pointing a severe drop in rainfall for Perth and the south west of the state shows the deep flaws in the Government's plan to abolish the clean energy package.

"On the day the Government is again working to dismantle the effective Clean Energy package, a new report shows that Perth and the south west of the state will see a 40% decrease in rainfall as a result of climate change," Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens agriculture spokesperson said today.

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The speeches on the Clean Energy Bills

Australia is closer than ever to a clean energy future, with the bills to put a price on carbon and invest in clean, renewable energy being debated in the Senate. These bills, which wouldn't have happened without the Greens, are a vital first step to tackle the climate crisis and transform our economy.

These are the speeches made by the Australian Greens' MPs during the debate of this historic legislation.

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Carbon price agreement: historic first step towards a clean energy economy

The Australian Greens, the Labor government and the Independent MPs today announced an historic agreement on a climate action package that will put a $23 per tonne price on carbon pollution, as was first proposed by the Greens, support householders and invest billions of dollars in clean, renewable energy.

This package, which the Greens have helped shape, is the first vital step towards tackling the climate crisis and building a cleaner, healthier, more secure Australia for all of us.

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Cut pollution - Make clean energy cheaper

UPDATE: Read the details of the carbon price and clean energy package here.

Pollution from burning coal, oil and gas is driving a climate crisis, making our world more dangerous, increasing prices of food and water and jeopardising our way of life.

But if we cut pollution and invest properly in the clean alternatives, we can build a healthier, cleaner, more secure economy and community for all of us.

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Greens urge: scrap the CPRS and unleash WA’s renewable energy future

Australian Greens Senator for WA Rachel Siewert and Greens Fremantle MP Adele Carles will address the Climate Emergency Rally in Forrest Chase, TODAY, Saturday 13 June, at 12.30pm.

Senator Siewert, one of five Greens members in the Federal Senate, said she would not support the Rudd Government’s "Continue Polluting Regardless Scheme" in its current form.

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WA takes a step toward a green energy future

WA Legislative Council passes a Greens (WA) bill for a 20% renewable energy target

The WA Legislative Council today passed the Greens 'WA Renewable Energy Targets' (WARET) legislation with the support of the Liberal and National Parties.

Senator Rachel Siewert has congratulated Paul Llewellyn MLC (Greens member for the South-West) for the result, which has been more than a year in the making.

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