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Greenpeace activist’s human rights still under threat

The Australian Greens today renewed calls for the Australian Government to intervene in the treatment by Japanese authorities of two Greenpeace activists.

"News that Greenpeace activists Junichi Sato and Toru Suzuki's bail conditions have finally been relaxed is welcome, but their ongoing fight for justice still continues," said Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert.

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Garrett should reject whale slaughter deal

The Greens are calling on Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett to reject a secret International Whaling Commission deal that allows Japan to kill more whales in the North Pacific Ocean, in return for killing less in the Southern Ocean.

Greens Spokesperson on Whaling, Senator Rachel Siewert said the Greens would be using the next sitting of Parliament to press the Government for more details of the secret whale slaughter deal, and press the Government to withdraw from negotiations.

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Whaling & International Legal Action

Legal & Constitutional Affairs Committee
Budget Estimates for 2008-09 (Supplementary hearings)

Senator SIEWERT-I want to ask about whales and about where we are up to with any international
action that Australia may or may not be considering. Could we have an update of where we are up to, please?

Mr Campbell-The government is still considering whether to commence legal proceedings.

Senator SIEWERT-It seems to have been considering it for quite a period of time. Is there a time frame for when you will finalise that?

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Increase pressure on Japan over Greenpeace arrests, say Greens

The Australian Greens today called on the Government to increase pressure on Japan, following the arrest of two Greenpeace activists investigating stolen whale meat.

"I'm extremely concerned that these activists are being held without charge by Japanese police; it would appear these actions are politically motivated to shut down the successful Greenpeace campaign," said Australian Greens spokesperson Senator Rachel Siewert

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Greens call for immediate action on whaling

The Senate today passed a second motion supporting international legal action on whaling.

"The Senate passed my motion urging the Government to immediately commence preparations for legal action to stop the slaughter of our whale population" said Senator Rachel Siewert, spokesperson on marine issues.

"We call on the Government to immediately prepare international legal action on this matter."

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Australian public demand action on whaling

The Australian Greens today renewed calls for immediate action on Japanese whaling operations, saying there is overwhelming support from the Australian community for such action.

Polling indicates that there is very strong public support for the Australian Government to take international legal action to try and stop the Japanese whaling program (87%), even if it means compromising our relationship with Japan (91%).*

"This should be a clear wake-up call for the Government - the public demand action," said Greens spokesperson Senator Rachel Siewert.

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Diplomacy still failing to save whales

The Australian Greens said today the Government must take stronger action on the slaughter of Whales in Australia's Antarctic waters, and should refuse to progress a free trade agreement with Japan until it stops killing whales.

"It's clear that diplomatic efforts will not be enough to halt the slaughter," said Greens spokesperson Senator Rachel Siewert today.

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Whales forgotten on World Environment Day?

The Australian Greens today called on the Australian Government to use World Environment Day to make public their intentions on Japanese whaling.

"Today is World Environment Day, which would make the perfect backdrop for Environment Minister Garrett to announce a much tougher stance on whaling – something the Australian public have desired for more than a decade," said Senator Rachel Siewert in Canberra today.

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