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Support for WA families in future-focused climate package

WA families will be assisted with tax cuts and increased assistance as part of the newly announced package to put a price on carbon, the Australian Greens said today.

“Families in WA are already facing cost of living pressures and the Greens have been acutely aware of this throughout the carbon package negotiation process,” Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson on Family and Community Services said today.

“This package has been designed to minimise the financial impact on families, and assistance will be provided accordingly.

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Carbon price agreement: historic first step towards a clean energy economy

The Australian Greens, the Labor government and the Independent MPs today announced an historic agreement on a climate action package that will put a $23 per tonne price on carbon pollution, as was first proposed by the Greens, support householders and invest billions of dollars in clean, renewable energy.

This package, which the Greens have helped shape, is the first vital step towards tackling the climate crisis and building a cleaner, healthier, more secure Australia for all of us.

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Greens secure win for Indigenous Australians on carbon farming

The Australian Greens say their amendments to the Carbon Farming Initiative provides an opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to earn carbon credits for activities including improved savannah fire, livestock care, feral animal control, fertiliser, soil or forest management, reforestation and vegetation growth.

The original bill restricted the benefits to holders of exclusive native title, severely constraining the number of people and communities who could benefit.

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Cut pollution - Make clean energy cheaper

UPDATE: Read the details of the carbon price and clean energy package here.

Pollution from burning coal, oil and gas is driving a climate crisis, making our world more dangerous, increasing prices of food and water and jeopardising our way of life.

But if we cut pollution and invest properly in the clean alternatives, we can build a healthier, cleaner, more secure economy and community for all of us.

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Joint Press Conference - Australian Greens Leader, Senator Bob Brown, and Greens health spokesperson, Senator Rachel Siewert – in Canberra today

Senator Bob Brown and Senator Rachel Siewert urge state and federal leaders to boost mental health services and work towards a national, universal public dental care scheme.

Senator Brown also vows to take on Rio Tinto, whose profit bonanza will benefit its more than 70-percent foreign shareholders, and other heavyweights as companies prepare to fight efforts to develop an alternative to coal and the Greens’ push to put an effective price on carbon.

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Greens welcome marine sanctuary roadmap

The Australian Greens have welcomed the release of a report which sets out a blueprint for establishing a network of marine sanctuaries in Australia’s South West Marine Bioregion.

“This report sets the benchmark that must guide the Federal Government's approach to planning in the SW marine bioregion,” said Greens Marine spokesperson Senator Rachel Siewert today.

“The research demonstrates that extensive marine sanctuaries are needed if we are to properly protect the biodiversity of the south west marine bioregional area.

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Greens push for ongoing health reform negotiations

The Australian Greens are urging the Government to continue negotiations which would expand the $7.3 billion health reform package by including overhauls to aged care, dental and mental health services.

"The Greens will continue to promote sensible and constructive action, expanding the Government's plan to see long awaited reforms for the aged care sector, action on mental health and the implementation of a national dental health care system," Australian Greens Health Spokesperson Rachel Siewert said today.

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Budget delivers sting for environment programs

The Government has continued its assault on natural resource management, landcare and environmental repair in its latest budget, according to the Australian Greens.

"The Federal Government is short sighted in cutting $81.3 million out of the Caring For Our Country program, placing the future of a essential natural resource management, biodiversity and natural heritage initiatives in doubt," Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson on NRM and agriculture said today.

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Rudd's Big Let Down on Social Security Reform – Australian Greens

The Government’s too hard basket is overflowing today, as the vast majority of the Henry Review’s recommendations are ignored in favour of a couple of quick revenue raisers.

"The Government has failed yet again to take leadership on the tough issue of social security reform and has failed to deliver any Henry reforms that would have addressed Australia’s growing inequality and delivered a fair go to the disadvantaged and the working poor," Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens Spokesperson for Community Services said today.

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