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Labelling of GM ingredients in food

There is a Food Labelling Review taking place in Australia at the moment and it's looking at GM food labelling. Many people want to be able to choose whether to buy it or not (for various reasons), and at what price.  We have some GM labelling, but most GM ingredients slip through loopholes. Currently although up to 70% of processed food contains GM ingredients almost none legally require labelling.

You only have until 20th November to ask the Food Labelling Review Panel to LABEL ALL GM FOOD.

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FSANZ & GM in foods


Senator SIEWERT-I would like to ask, firstly, about the presence of novel DNA and protein in highly processed oils. I know I have asked a series of questions several times around this issue. Since I last asked, have you done any testing of food oils in Australia for the presence of novel DNA and proteins-either yourselves or with other organisations?

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Newsflash: Ireland bans GM

Ireland will ban growing of GM crops, and a voluntary GM-free label can be placed on all animal products (such as meat, poultry, eggs, fish, crustaceans, and dairy) that are raised with GM-free feed, according to a GM-Free Ireland press release. Ireland joins Japan and Egypt as one of the few but growing number of countries that have banned the cultivation of GM crops.

GM-Free Ireland Co-ordinator, Michael O'Callaghan:

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WA Agriculture Minister making rash decisions on GM

The Greens today expressed their concern at Western Australian Agricultural Minister Terry Redman's attitude to genetically modified crops, following the Minister's return from a 'fact-finding' visit to Canada.

"Regulation of GM in this country is grossly inadequate and highlights why it is so important to maintain the moratorium on GM crops," said Australian Greens spokesperson Senator Rachel Siewert.

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No reason behind public health education & research cuts

"Cutting the Public Health Education and Research Program (PHERP) was clearly a short-sighted, penny-pinching measure -which will ultimately cost us because of poorer public health outcomes in the longer term," said Senator Rachel Siewert today.

Evidence to Senate Estimates late yesterday indicated that cutting PHERP was purely a cost-saving measure that did not reflect the performance of the program or any review of research and education needs.

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GM canola trials


Senator SIEWERT-Where would I go to find out accurately what percentage of weeding we had from GM canola? What percentage, through last year's GM crop, did we have of seeding outside the paddock?

Mr Reading-Seeds outside-

Senator SIEWERT-Seeding outside. Volunteers and contamination of other crops.

Mr Reading-I see what you mean. We are doing a number of trials to evaluate that process.

Mr Perrett-That is pollen drift.

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Land & Water Australia 2


Senator SIEWERT-I will start with the question that I asked earlier and that is: how many projects, as
opposed to programs-I am aware of the programs you run-do Land and Water have running at the moment, either on its own or in partnership with other research organisations or industry groups?

Dr Robinson-Currently on our books we about 120 research projects, and we have given in-principle commitment to another 26.

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