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Pricing carbon makes Australia a world leader in action against climate change - WA Greens

WA Senators Rachel Siewert and Scott Ludlam say today's historic carbon price vote is the start of serious action on climate change.

"The passage of the Clean Energy Future package through the Senate represents a new beginning for our economy, with new industries and new jobs being created," Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

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Greens Senators join protest outside Perth Detention Centre

Australian Greens Senators Rachel Siewert and Scott Ludlam will join community groups who will be camping from dusk tonight, Friday 7 May, until dawn at the Perth Domestic Airport Immigration Detention Centre. 

WHEN:       Protest starts 6pm. Call numbers below for details about the evening.
WHERE:     Perth Domestic Airport Immigration Centre, corner Baker & McComb roads - opposite the boom gates to the short term parking at the Perth Domestic Airport, Redcliffe WA

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Villawood must be closed: Greens

The annual inspection report on conditions in immigration detention centres released today by HREOC is an urgent reminder that the new Government has much work to do to create a humane refugee policy.

"The first thing the Government must do is to close down Villawood detention centre immediately," said Senator Rachel Siewert today.

"HREOC has once again recommended Villawood be demolished with the Human Rights Commissioner, Graeme Innes calling it a 'disgrace'. There can be no more excuses for Villawood to remain open," she said.

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Government should abide by Haneef Decision

The Australian Greens today said they expect the Federal Government to abide by the decision of the Full Bench of the Federal Court to uphold an earlier decision to reinstate Mohammed Haneef's work visa.
"Mr Haneef has been through enough and should be allowed to get on with his life" said Senator Rachel Siewert.

"Instead of challenging the Federal Court decision in the High Court the Federal Government would be better reviewing the laws and process that lead to this travesty and ensure that such a thing doesn't happen again."

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Citizenship test a grave insult

Prime Minister Howard's new citizenship test is an insult to Aboriginal Australians and to the hundreds of thousands of committed, hard-working Australians who do not claim British ancestry.

Among the values laid out in the draft copy of the Government's new citizenship guidelines are tolerance and compassion, freedom of speech and a respect for Australia's British heritage.

"What about respect for the first Australians and their living culture?"

"Will there be questions about the first true Australians?"

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