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Greens back National Trust call for immediate action on Murray Darling Basin

The Australian Greens today congratulated the Australian Council of National Trust for their call for immediate action on the Murray Darling Basin, but said their targets are not sufficient.

Speaking from Adelaide, alongside Greens SA Senate candidate Sarah Hanson-Young, Senator Rachel Siewert said: "Inflows to the Murray Darling are at their lowest in 116 years, irrigation allocations are at an all time low, and we have even less water in storage this summer than last year."

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Greens launch Balance of Power animation

The Greens today launched a short animation explaining the benefits of Balance of Power in the Senate.

"The balance of power in the Senate is a big issue this election and a lot of people want to know more about it," said Senator Rachel Siewert.

"It's important that people understand the political system before they go to the polls this election, and so we hope that this animation will help explain the situation better."

The animation can be found at The Greens Election 2007 Election page -

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Greens hold forum on Women & IR

In December 2006 the Howard Government rushed into law two pieces of legislation that are having a disastrous effect on many women in our community - Work Choices and Welfare to Work.

Tomorrow, the Australian Greens are holding a forum to look at the impacts of Work Choices and Welfare to Work on women and consider the best way forward for new fairer industrial relations and welfare systems.

"Work Choices and Welfare to Work are leaving many Australian women with no choices," said Senator Rachel Siewert.

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Government steamrolls over Burrup

The Government is actively facilitating the destruction of the Burrup's unique rock art with today's approval to Woodside's Pluto gas development.

"This is the third major environmental decision by the Howard Government in the past few days, first with the Gunns Pulp Mill, then Barrow Island. Now they seem determined to steamroll over the Burrup peninsula," said Australian Greens spokesperson for the Environment Rachel Siewert.

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Green light for Senate inquiry into agricultural strategy for climate change

The Greens today successfully moved a motion in the Senate to establish an Inquiry into the future of agriculture in a drying climate.

"We desperately need a strategy to  make certain that policy settings are consistent in addressing both food security  and the need to help our agricultural sector deal with climate change and to provide the practical assistance needed to adapt," said Senator Rachel Siewert today "Continuing business as usual is not acceptable."

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Greens demand answers on Burrup

Senator Rachel Siewert, today called on the Government to ensure that the priceless cultural heritage of the Burrup peninsula was protected.

"We understand the WA EPA has given the go ahead for preparatory work on the Pluto Area B site on the Burrup, and that this work could start at anytime. We are very concerned that this may affect the cultural values of the area" said Senator Siewert.

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Greens: Traveston dam a white elephant

The Australian Greens have condemned the proposed Traveston dam as a complete disaster and say it should be dropped immediately.

"The economic, social and environmental evidence to the Senate Inquiry was damning, said Senator Rachel Siewert today.

"It clearly shows the dam simply should not be built."

"This dam will be a white elephant."

"I cannot see how it can possibly pass a rigorous EPBC assessment."

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Water Bill falls short

"The Water Bill won't save the Murray Darling system unless key amendments are made," said Senator Rachel Siewert today.

The Australian Greens tabled a minority report this evening on the Senate Inquiry into the Water Bill 2007, which was conducted over a single day last Friday.

"There is nothing in the legislation which guarantees speedy action in implementing the Basin cap and the environmental watering plan," said Senator Siewert.

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