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Climate package biodiversity and NRM investment a big win for WA

The Australian Greens say funding from the carbon price package will be used to boost natural resource management programs across Western Australia.

Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson on natural resource management said today that protecting and valuing the land and our biodiversity is an important part of tackling climate change.

“The package provides $1.7 billion of independently managed funding which will be used to protect biodiversity and assist natural resource management,” Senator Siewert said today.

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Humpback Whales

Senator SIEWERT (Western Australia—Australian Greens Whip) (15:37):  I move:
That the Senate—
 (a) notes:
  (i) the humpback whale is listed as a threatened species,
  (ii) human generated habitat degradation is identified as a major threat to humpback whales by the Department of the Environment and Heritage's Humpback Whale Recovery Plan 2005-2010,
  (iii) the plan notes the following forms of possible habitat degradation:
 (a) acoustic pollution, for example, commercial and recreational vessel noise and seismic survey activity,

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Rachel Siewert 23 Feb 2011

Community Affairs 23 February 2011

Senator SIEWERT—I have another one that you may say to do somewhere else. I am going to be asking this in several portfolio areas: how much does the department spend on managing contracts and grants with NGOs?

Ms Halton—We probably cannot do it by NGOs. We have done quite a bit of work as part of the strategic review on what we think we spend, in macro terms, on managing grants in toto. I cannot disaggregate it.

Senator SIEWERT—Between commercial and NGOs?
Ms Halton—No.

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Defence Land (Question No. 150)

Rachel Siewert 22 Nov 2010

Senator Siewert asked the Minister representing the Minister for Defence, upon notice, on 28 September 2010: With reference to the land bounded by Vale Road, Adelaide Street and Abernethy Road in Hazelmere, Western Australia, is the Minister aware of any plans to develop this land; if so:
(a)    who has made the applications; and
(b)    what is the nature of the applications.

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Tobacco industry fight to undermine health initiatives uncovered

The Australian Greens say a series of Freedom of Information requests made by as-yet unnamed tobacco companies indicates the industry is prepared to go to extraordinary lengths to undermine a range of health initiatives.

Senator Rachel Siewert, Greens Health spokesperson, learned through Senate Estimates that tobacco companies had lodged 19 FOI requests to the Department of Health seeking very extensive information and internal documents going back almost twenty years.

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Australian Greens, Labor commit to agreement for stable Government

The Australian Greens and the Labor Party have signed an agreement to ensure stability for Labor in Government. The Greens will ensure supply and oppose any motion of no confidence in the Government from other parties or MPs.

Labor will work with the Greens to deliver improved transparency and integrity to Parliament and pursue policies that promote the national interest and address climate change.

As part of the agreement there will be regular meetings between the Prime Minister and Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown and newly-elected Lower House MP Adam Bandt.

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