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Burrup tragedy: Campbell sends in the bulldozers

Rachel Siewert 22 Dec 2006

Senator Rachel Siewert has slammed Environment and Heritage Minister Ian Campbell's decision this morning not to heritage list the ancient rock art on the Burrup Peninsula.

 "Instead of protecting the site, the Minister is effectively letting the bulldozers in. It is a tragedy and a farce that the Government still can't get this right," Senator Siewert said.

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Indigenous housing report highlights unmet need

Rachel Siewert 18 Dec 2006

Senator Rachel Siewert today accused Commonwealth and State governments of failing to meet the housing needs of Indigenous Australians.

"The figures in the AIHW report released today indicate that things are continuing to get worse, particularly in the areas of overcrowding and unmet need."

The findings of a report into state-owned and managed Indigenous housing released today indicate that unmet need is growing, particularly among those of the greatest need.

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Diplomacy has already failed to save the whales

Rachel Siewert 18 Dec 2006

"While it is pleasing to see more Nations diplomatically opposing Japan's whaling program, its clear that diplomatic efforts will not be enough to halt the slaughter," said Senator Rachel Siewert today.

Senator Siewert was responding to the announcement by the Minister for Environment and Heritage, Senator Ian Campbell today of a joint diplomatic representation of 21 anti-whaling nations.

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National heritage listings pave the way for Burrup Rock Art.

Rachel Siewert 15 Dec 2006

The addition of five of Australia's iconic National Parks to Australia's National Heritage List has raised hopes that the Burrup Peninsula will be accepted for heritage protection next week.

"The National Heritage values of the Burrup Rock Art Province are indisputible," Senator Rachel Siewert said.

"These values are at risk because of industrial expansion, but instead of protecting this site, the Minister has procrastinated for several months while adding these five non-controversial sites to the list," Senator Siewert said.

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Minister must respond to 'Stolen Wages' findings

Rachel Siewert 14 Dec 2006

The incoming state Minister for Indigenous Affairs Michelle Roberts must address the issue of stolen wages as a priority, said Senator Rachel Siewert today.

Senator Siewert is backing calls by the Goldfields Land and Sea Council to begin developing a compensation scheme for Aboriginal workers whose earnings and benefits were unfairly withheld.

"Western Australia stands out as one of the few states that have not yet begun to address this issue," said Senator Siewert.

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Don't Scrooge the Burrup, Minister

Rachel Siewert 13 Dec 2006

The Department of Environment and Heritage expects the Minister, Senator Campbell, to make a decision on the request by Dr Carmen Lawrence MP, Senator Rachel Siewert, and Mr Peter Andren MP for the emergency listing of the Burrup Peninsula before Christmas.

In an email from the Director, Heritage Information Section, Dr Robert Bruce wrote: "We are confident that we can have the brief to the Minister on or before Thursday next week. The ten day clock would expire on 29 December but we expect the Minister to make a decision before Christmas."

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Health Inequality needs to be addressed now

Rachel Siewert 11 Dec 2006

Senator Rachel Siewert welcomed the call by 37 community health and social justice organisations for health equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, in an open letter published in The Australian today.


"These organisations support the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Tom Calma's plan to achieve health equality within a generation," Senator Rachel Siewert said.


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Senate: WA has a case to answer on 'stolen wages'

Rachel Siewert 7 Dec 2006

The findings of a Senate inquiry into Indigenous workers whose paid labour was controlled by Government tabled in the Senate today indicate that the WA Government has a case to answer.

"The West Australian economy was built on the back of the unpaid and under-paid labour of our Aboriginal people," said Senator Rachel Siewert today.

"They were systematically excluded from the benefits of the wealth they created."

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Action on wetlands needed now

Rachel Siewert 7 Dec 2006

The release of the 2006 State of the Environment (SOE) report underlines Greens calls for an urgent review of the health and management of Ramsar-listed wetlands in Australia.

"Effectively what the SOE report says is that the excellent work on ecosystem restoration being done by volunteers is being undermined by the Government's failure to address the big picture policy issues of climate change and poor water management," Senator Rachel Siewert said.

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"It's the rock art..."

Rachel Siewert 5 Dec 2006

"Senator Ian Campbell should cut the deceptive rhetoric and pay attention to the opportunity for a real win on the Burrup Peninsula," Senator Siewert said.


This morning, Senator Rachel Siewert, Dr Carmen Lawrence MP and Peter Andren MP jointly submitted an emergency heritage listing nomination to Senator Ian Campbell.


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