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Native vegetation on private land

Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee - Monday 21 February 2011

Senator SIEWERT—I understand you have started a project called drivers and barriers to the management of native vegetation on private land.

Mr Glyde—Correct.

Senator SIEWERT—I cannot find it very easily. Where would I find the details about that particular project?

Mr Morris—The project is still underway. It was one, I believe, contracted to us from the sustainable resource management area of the department. But if you would like a copy of the terms of reference—

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Jandakot Airport

Aviation: Jandakot Airport (Question No. 2753)

Senator Siewert asked the Minister representing the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, upon notice, on 12 March 2010: Given that the lessee of Jandakot Airport, Ascot Capital Limited, recently released for public comment its revised master plan for the development of Jandakot Airport which includes a proposal to extend two existing runways and construct a new fourth runway, as well as a significant non-aviation mixed busi ness commercial precinct:

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Australian Greens concerned Tiwi Islanders lumped with ‘unviable’ project

The Australian Greens are calling for Federal and Northern Territory action to ensure logging and plantation operations on Tiwi Islands are sustainable and bring benefits to the Island's community.

"I am very concerned by the admission of the administrators of the forestry project on Melville Island, that the operations as commercially unviable," said Greens Senator Rachel Siewert.

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National Reserve System


Senator SIEWERT—I am following up on questions that I asked yesterday in rural and regional. I know it is clumsy being across two estimates areas. It provides an opportunity to see if we can get a different answer! Firstly I would like to follow up on the NRS program because yesterday at rural and regional the department was unable to provide much information on the NRS program. Hopefully I now have where this fits in properly. How much has been allocated for NRS projects in the last round of funding, which is 2009-10?

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Christmas Island mining & Pipistrelle Bat


Senator SIEWERT—I suppose you will find it hard to guess what I want to ask about: Christmas Island. First, I want to go to the issue of mining. I know I have to go to the other part of the portfolio, but I thought I would try you first. Where are you up to with the mining application?

Mr Cochrane—You will have to ask AWD, because we only provide inputs into that process and are not the decision maker.

Senator SIEWERT—Should we do that now or later? If we can do it now, that would be good.

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Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme

I rise to speak on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Bill 2009 and related bills. Many people in this place will know that, before I entered the parliament, I was the coordinator for the Conservation Council of Western Australia. Prior to that I worked in agriculture, so I have some experience dealing with the issue of climate change. For over two decades I have been personally involved in this debate and it saddens me that some people are still questioning whether or not climate change is real and we are still debating what we are going to do about it.

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Canberra must not ignore dieback in WA

Canberra politicians appear to be ignoring the single biggest threat to biodiversity in WA’s South-West as identified by scientists, the Australian Greens say.

WA Senator Rachel Siewert, who questioned the Federal Government about phytophthora dieback in Parliament this week, said she was extremely concerned that despite the disease being a “key threatening process” under the Federal legislation, little to no Federal money was available to fight the problem.

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