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Greens say cut to National Family Violence Prevention and Legal Services Forum is devastating and heartless

The Greens have today said that the Government’s sudden cuts to National Family Violence Prevention and Legal Services Forum is completely out of line with the Close the Gap refresh and principles of co-design.

“This is a devastating decision for First Nations women and their children who have a right to access services that are culturally appropriate.

“We will not close the gap and lives will be at risk.

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Robodebt debacle clean up must be included in MYEFO says Senate 

The Senate has today passed a Greens’ motion calling on the Government to include the changes to the Robodebt process in MYEFO, including the costs to review income averaging cases of the Robodebt program and the number of people who may be eligible for a refund and/or compensation.
“The Government is in denial about what an absolute mess Robodebt has ended up being. 
“From the start, it was an ideologically driven program to claw back savings from people on the lowest incomes in our community. 

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Senate passes motion ordering Government to provide legal advice relating to robodebt

The Senate has today passed a Greens motion for an order for the production of documents that the Government provide the legal advice relating to the decision to stop relying on income averaging under the Income Compliance Program.
“Legal professional privilege is not a recognised ground for refusing to provide information to the Senate, Australian Greens spokesperson on Family and Community Services Senator Rachel Siewert. 

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Greens say Government has not gone far enough on improving the regulation on restraints in aged care 

“I moved to disallow the original regulation because it was overwhelming considered by stakeholders to be flawed and it is feared that the regulation could lead to an increased use of chemical restraints, Australian Greens spokesperson on Ageing Senator Rachel Siewert said.
“In light of what the Royal Commission interim report said I’m disappointed at the piecemeal amendments they have made. They simply do not go far enough to protect older Australians.

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Greens write to Minster to seek assurance that people in fire and emergency zones will not have their Centrelink payments cut off 

The Greens have written to Minister Robert to seek assurances that people on income support in fire and emergency zones do not have their payments cut off, suspended or receive demerit points if they are unable to meet their mutual obligations or report their income due to the fire emergency.
“There is a likelihood that within these zones it will be extremely difficult for people to meet their obligations and reporting requirements,“ Australian Greens spokesperson on Family and Community Services Senator Rachel Siewert said today. 

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Greens call on Senate to reject compulsory income management in the form of CDC after heartbreaking evidence to Senate inquiry 

The Greens are calling on the Senate to reject the Social Security (Administration) Amendment (Income Management to Cashless Debit Card Transition) Bill 2019 following the senate inquiry report into the Bill and listen to the lived experiences of people on the card and compulsory income management in the NT. 

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Greens call for timeline for action on chemical restraints 

The Australian Greens are calling on Government to act with a sense of urgency on the Interim Aged Care Royal Commission report findings saying Australians expect them to.

“These issues are not a surprise to Government, they have been raised time and time again, it is obvious more money has been needed for home care packages, there has been repeated calls to eliminate the use of restraints and a number of inquiries into young people in nursing homes.

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