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Government weak on actual changes to IR

The Rudd Government's plans for industrial relations reform are nothing more than Work Choices Lite, the Australian Greens said today.

"In rejecting arbitration Gillard is giving up not just on over 100 years of Australian history but also on the ability of many workers to continue to receive fair wages and conditions," said Australian Greens spokesperson Senator Rachel Siewert.

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Forward with Workplace Relations

There are increasing concerns that the Government's Forward with Fairness legislation will not be delivering sustainable fair workplace laws but rather will be serving up Work Choices-lite.

The Greens have already argued the award modernisation process will result in a deterioration of minimum conditions of work, particularly affecting workers who are not able to access genuine collective bargaining.

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Women worried about ALP’s IR laws

Today, Senator Siewert told stories of women workers currently finding life very difficult under Work Choices and wondering what their working lives will be like under Forward with Fairness.

The stories were taken from a booklet prepared by Asian Women at Work called ‘Cries from the Workplace: 20 women, 20 stories'. The women outline what they want from fair workplace laws, including broad minimum legal protection, unfair dismissal laws, stronger anti-bullying laws and removal of restrictions in unions' rights of entry.

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Workplace Relations & Women

I would like today to address the issues of what workers are saying they need from Forward with Fairness and the change to the industrial relations laws. I want to tell the stories of workers themselves who are currently finding life very difficult under Work Choices and wondering what their working lives will be like under Forward with Fairness. These stories will illustrate the potential gaps in the Forward with Fairness policy.

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Safe Work Australia Bill

What the government has not articulated-and I cannot tell this from the communique from the meeting-is just how the Senate's decisions are threatening the harmonisation of OH&S laws. What the Senate did was to insert a clause on objects. I would have thought that was straightforward. That merely points out what this legislation is intended to do-that is, increase the representation of employees and employers. What this legislation did before that was to take us backwards. As Senator Abetz has articulated, this request puts it back to what we had.

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Barnett should exercise caution on industrial relations reforms: Greens

The Australian Greens today voiced their concerns over the future state of industrial relations in Western Australia, after comments from WA Treasurer Troy Buswell that the state system would be overhauled.

"This call from the new Liberal leadership in WA is a purely political reaction to the proposed industrial relations changes at a federal level. What is needed is considered debate and consultation with all involved, not political points scoring," said Australian Greens spokesperson on industrial relations Senator Rachel Siewert.

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Safe Work Australia - Joint Greens, Coalition & Xenophon release

The Deputy Prime Minister is walking away from safety consultation at the highest level by refusing to incorporate the Senate amendments in the Safe Work Australia Bill.

An unlikely alliance of the Greens, the Independents and the Coalition says that Julia Gillard is turning her back on workers and industry as well as risking safety outcomes by refusing to accept the Senate amendments.

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Safe Work Australia

The Safe Work Australia Bill 2008 is a very important piece of legislation. The Greens believe that robust and effective occupational health and safety laws and practices are vital for the social and economic health of our workplaces and, more importantly, for Australians and their families.

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