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Greens call for community sector pay equity

The Australian Greens have expressed disappointment with the Government's approach to much needed pay increases in the community services sector after they backed down on a union test case on pay equity for sector workers.

Senator Rachel Siewert, Greens Community Services spokesperson says workers in community services have been under paid for decades.

"The community sector provides essential services to society, services such as aged care, emergency relief, homelessness and mental health support," Senator Siewert said.

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Forced Adoption - Community Affairs References Committee Reference

Community Affairs References Committee Reference

Senator SIEWERT (Western Australia)(3.34 pm)—I move:

(1)    That the Senate:  (a)    acknowledges the recent apology given by the Western Australian Parliament to those mothers whose children were removed and given up for adoption from the late 1940s to the 1980s; and (b)    notes that policies and practices resulting in forced adoptions were widespread throughout Australia during that time.

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Empty promises on Aboriginal jobs?

The Australian Greens are extremely concerned about reports suggesting that Aboriginal workers on the flagship housing program (SIHIP) are not being paid properly.

SIHIP was supposed to have an inbuilt Aboriginal employment scheme, yet reports suggest that CDEP and work for the dole programs are being used instead.

It has been reported that some Aboriginal people are working full time under the scheme, but receiving only Centrelink payments- which includes requiring the use of basics cards.

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Greens back strike by Gurindji workers in NT

The Australian Greens have voiced their support for Gurindji workers who will strike today to protest against the Northern Territory intervention.

The workers will be joined by residents from the remote Aboriginal communities of Kalkaringi and Dagaragu.

Greens spokesperson for Aboriginal Issues, Senator Rachel Siewert says the Government’s failure to deliver the jobs promised to replace the abolished Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) is unacceptable.

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Greens will use Senate to ensure workplace fairness

The Australia Greens have voiced serious concerns that a Coalition Government would bow to pressure from big business to make unfair changes to Australia’s workplace laws.

Senator Rachel Siewert, Greens IR spokesperson, notes media reports today have highlighted how changes to industrial relations could be made without altering the Fair Work Act, risking the job security and employment conditions of many Australian workers.

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Government's responsibilities not being met in new welfare policy

The Greens have criticised the lack of balance in Julia Gillard's new "Modernising Australia's Welfare System" policy, suggesting that many of the opportunities it claims to be creating are illusory and the responsibility all seems to be heading in one direction.

“Today's announcement is framed in the language of 'mutual responsibility' but when you look at the details behind the announcement, it’s clear that the Gillard Government does not have the means to deliver on their end of the deal," said Greens community services spokesperson Senator Rachel Siewert.

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Greens support building workers protesting ABCC

The Australian Greens today put their support behind the building and construction workers rallying around Australia for the  removal of the undemocratic building and construction laws at the time when a worker is facing gaol for taking a stand against the ABCC.

"The Greens remain committed to the principle of one law for all workers. Australians working in the building and construction sector should not be singled out for more punitive treatment," Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

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