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Aboriginal Arts in the Balance

I likewise believe that this report of the Senate Standing Committee on Environment, Communications, Information Technology and the Arts is an extremely important report. I think many important issues are discussed in the report-far too many for me to touch on now, so I will touch on some of the critical ones. It is obvious that this is a critical industry for Aboriginal Australians. It provides one of their few opportunities for economic development.

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Greens to Turnbull: action would be 'awesome'

Greens Aboriginal Affairs spokesperson, Senator Siewert, today called on Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull to act urgently to save the Burrup peninsula, rather than in a few months. She expressed disappointment that the Pluto site did not seem to be included in his plans.

"A cross party delegation of Federal MPs called for emergency listing last year for the entire Rock art precinct because it was exactly that - an emergency," stated Senator Siewert.

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Questioning the future of the Burrup

My question is to the Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Senator Ian Campbell. I refer to the minister's decision to delay the addition of the Burrup Peninsula rock art province to the National Heritage List in order to carry out further consultation. Is the minister concerned that further destruction of rock art could occur during this period? Does the minister agree that, until such time as his decision is finalised, there should be no further destruction or disturbance of rock art or any other sites inside the proposed area for listing by the Australian Heritage Council?

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Stand up for the Burrup

My question is to the Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Senator Ian Campbell. I refer to the minister's deliberation on how to protect the heritage values of the Burrup Peninsula. Is the minister aware of other appropriate sites for development in the Pilbara region? Does the minister believe that the best way to promote development and return to the heritage values on the Burrup is for heavy industry to be encouraged to alternative sites such as Onslow or Maitland or the joint venture site on the Burrup?

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Australian Broadcasting Corporation Amendment Bill 2006

The Greens will be opposing the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Amendment Bill 2006. If you look at the committee that inquired into this bill, you will find 55 submissions-53 opposed the bill and two were neutral. When you look at the government's rationale for this bill as expressed in this place on 29 March, you will find that Senator Minchin argued:

... a staff-elected Director is uncommon amongst Australian Government agency boards.

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Sale of Telstra

The Australian Greens do not support the privatisation of Telstra. We believe that it should remain in public hands. Telstra is an important public institution that should play an increasingly vital role in the daily lives of many ordinary Australians. Just as we have relied on Telstra in the past, we are going to need it much more into the future as telecommunications become an even greater part of our lives.

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