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Payment Suspensions - Followup

Community Affairs - Friday 25 February

CHAIR—Senator Siewert, you wanted to clarify something?

Senator SIEWERT—Yes. Last night we did not break it down into what was Northern Territory and what was Queensland of that 120. Of the 120, there are 38 in the Northern Territory?

Mr Tidswell—That is right.

Senator SIEWERT—That is over the period of the trial, isn’t it?

Mr Tidswell—That is right.

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Income Management

Community Affairs - 25 February 2011

CHAIR—Senator Siewert, we will now move on to the areas around income management.

Senator SIEWERT—Thank you. I realise that we have traversed some of this ground earlier, so I will try not to do that but to go on from where I have been asking questions before, bearing in mind that I know that we are in an Indigenous cross-portfolio. However, because of the nature now of income management, I apologise if I transgress. I say that upfront.

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