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Mental Health

Senator SIEWERT (Western Australia) (3.59 pm)—I seek leave to amend general business notice of motion No. 80 standing in my name for today relating to mental health funding. I move the motion as amended:

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Australian National Preventive Health Agency Bill 2010

Senator SIEWERT (Western Australia) (1.14 pm)—The Greens believe that the real challenge for our health system, now and into the future, is managing illness in a way that keeps people out of hospital and well. We believe the evidence is overwhelming that our health policies should focus on keeping people well, preventing illness and better managing illness in the community. We very strongly believe in preventative health measures—and, of course, helping to keep people well is where preventative health comes in.

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Aged Care

Senator SIEWERT (Western Australia) (3.34 pm)—I move: That the Senate—

(a) notes the implications of the consumer price index figure of 2.8 per cent (for the week beginning 24 October 2010) for the provision of aged care services, in light of the limitation of the recent increase in the Commonwealth aged care subsidy to 1.7 per cent;

(b)    draws the attention of the Government to the yawning gap between the cost of living and the funding provided to aged care services;

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Forced Adoption - Community Affairs References Committee Reference

Community Affairs References Committee Reference

Senator SIEWERT (Western Australia)(3.34 pm)—I move:

(1)    That the Senate:  (a)    acknowledges the recent apology given by the Western Australian Parliament to those mothers whose children were removed and given up for adoption from the late 1940s to the 1980s; and (b)    notes that policies and practices resulting in forced adoptions were widespread throughout Australia during that time.

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