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Defence Land (Question No. 150)

Rachel Siewert 22 Nov 2010

Senator Siewert asked the Minister representing the Minister for Defence, upon notice, on 28 September 2010: With reference to the land bounded by Vale Road, Adelaide Street and Abernethy Road in Hazelmere, Western Australia, is the Minister aware of any plans to develop this land; if so:
(a)    who has made the applications; and
(b)    what is the nature of the applications.

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International Aid and Assistance

Senator SIEWERT (Western Australia) (9.54 am)—I seek leave to amend general business notice of motion No. 102 standing in my name for today relating to international aid assistance for clean water and sanitation.I move the motion as amended: That the Senate:
(a)    recognises that 19 November 2010, is World Toilet Day – a day to acknowledge the importance of sanitation and raise awareness of the 2.6 billion people, two-fifths of humanity, who lack access to basic sanitation,

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Indigenous Employment - Motion to take notice speech

Senator SIEWERT (Western Australia) (3.34 pm)—I am going to take note of only one of the answers, and that is about the issue of SIHIP and the Aboriginal employment program. I am very concerned and want to clarify the employment and working conditions for Aboriginal workers employed under SIHIP. We want to know under what conditions participants in CDEP, traineeships or Work for the Dole programs are being employed. We have received some very disturbing reports from communities in Central Australia of inconsistent and in fact exploitative treatment of Aboriginal workers.

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Indigenous Employment

Senator SIEWERT (2.22 pm)—My question is to the Minister representing the Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Senator Arbib, who also happens to be the Minister for Indigenous Employment and Economic Development. I would like to draw the minister’s attention to recent reports of Aboriginal workers renovating houses under SIHIP in Central Australia.

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Truth in Labelling - Genetically Modified Material


Senator XENOPHON (South Australia) (4.05 pm)—I move: That this bill be now read a second time. I table an explanatory memorandum relating to the bill and seek leave to have the second reading speeches incorporated in Hansard. Leave granted.

Senator SIEWERT (Western Australia) (4.05 pm)—The incorporated speech read as follows—

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