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Senate Inquiry into Palliative Care


Senator SIEWERT (Western Australia—Australian Greens Whip) (17:42): I present the report of the Community Affairs References Committee on palliative care in Australia, together with the Hansard record of proceedings and documents presented to the committee. 

Senator SIEWERT: I move: That the Senate take note of the report. 

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Dinosaurs on the Dampier Peninsula


I  rise  tonight  to speak about the imminent threat posed to a unique part of Australia. It is a stretch of the pristine Kimberley coastline, which tells the story of our planet and our country from 130 million years ago. It has a record of our planet that was formed at a time when Australia, Antarctica  and  New  Zealand  formed  a  single  land mass. 

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Rachel's speech on Forced Adoptions


Senator SIEWERT (Western Australia—Australian Greens Whip) (15:53): I present the report of the Senate Community Affairs References Committee on former forced adoption policies and practices.

Senator SIEWERT: I move that the Senate take note of the report.

I present this report with great pleasure. I say 'pleasure' but it is pleasure in terms of finally having this issue addressed. The time I have to speak now will not do justice to the report and the evidence we have been given, so I urge members of the community to read the report.

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Offshore Petroleum - National Regulator

Senator SIEWERT (Western Australia— Australian Greens Whip) (13:21):  The Greens have taken a fairly strong stance, as people would be aware, on these issues and particularly since the Montara inquiry. The flaws in our current regulation of the offshore oil and gas industry were made extremely apparent with the Montara oil spill. As many of you know, I have been engaged with this issue since then and flew up to the Montara well to look at the spill at that time.

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Northern Territory Emergency Response - MPI

Senator SIEWERT (Western Australia—Australian Greens Whip) (13:11): In June this year, the government launched its Stronger futures for the Northern Territory discussion paper. This paper tries to set out some issues for discussion about the future of the intervention in the Northern Territory, the intervention which has been going for four years.

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James Price Point - Bilbies

Senator SIEWERT:  I, and also on behalf of Senator Ludlam, move:
That the Senate— 
   (a)   notes: 
      (i)   sightings of one adult and three baby bilbies at the site of the proposed James Price Point gas hub, Western Australia, in the week beginning 7 August 2011, 
      (ii)   that the pristine Kimberley bushland is prime habitat for the bilby, acknowledged as a vulnerable species by both the Western Australian Government and the Federal Government, 

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