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Women left with no choices

"Work Choices and Welfare to Work are leaving many Australian women with no choices", said Senator Rachel Siewert.

Each of these two measures, Work Choices and Welfare to Work, are hurting women. Together they represent a direct attack on a particularly vulnerable group in our community.

"The research is clearly showing that women are losing out under Work Choices through poorer working condition and less pay."

"Welfare to work is forcing single mothers into low paid, low skilled work by requiring them to accept any job offered, including signing unfair AWAs, or else they lose their income support."

"Instead of trying to create an underclass of low skilled low paid women workers, the Greens are committed to restoring a fair and just industrial relation system and welfare system," said Senator Siewert.

"We should be encouraging women into work with decent jobs with fair wages and conditions, not making it more difficult," said ACT Greens candidate Kerrie Tucker.

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