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Water plan not thought out - Senate Estimates

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 14 Feb 2007

Government unable to justify water numbers

"Senate Estimates last night saw the Government unable to provide the reasoning to justify the costs and estimated water returns for the PM's $10 Billion water plan," said Senator Siewert this morning.

"We asked repeatedly if they could provide the figures and the evidence - they couldn't."

"Officials confirmed last night that there are no new environmental targets and the Government is obviously relying on rubbery figures for estimated environmental returns," she said.

"The Prime Minister has grossly underestimated the complexity of water management and the transfer of control to the Commonwealth," said Senator Siewert.

"Ten Billion dollars well spent on the Murray Darling could deliver real outcomes if well targeted."

"However, this is obviously a plan thrown together over January as a political fix," she concluded.

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