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Waiting for a Centrelink payment should not be the reason women and children are stuck in violent homes

Statistics showing poverty traps people in family violence is yet another example of how our government, through the income support system is failing our community.

Australian Greens spokesperson on Family and Community Services Senator Rachel Siewert said:

“It is unacceptable that women trying to escape violence are having to wait for Centrelink to process their claim.

"Women report having to wait months for their claim to be processed and the changes to the hardship provisions have not made the process easier.

“If women and their children are experiencing domestic violence, they must be given urgent assistance and support to leave the situation.

“What kind of choice is this? Stay in a dangerous and potentially deadly situation at home or be on the streets? This is really the bare minimum that Government could do – make sure that Centrelink is not a barrier to escaping domestic violence.

"Centrelink needs to significantly improve their approach to assisting women escaping domestic violence.

Australian Greens spokesperson on Women Senator Larissa Waters said:
"A choice between homelessness and violence or poverty and violence is no choice at all.

"The government’s neglect is trapping women in violence.

"Centrelink assistance must be fast-tracked and the government must commit to 10 days paid domestic violence leave for workers.

"Instead of facilitating perks for the big end of town, the government needs to recognise the needs of women and children and take real steps to get them free from this epidemic of domestic violence.”

Media Contact
Lucy Cowcher-Guthrie (Senator Siewert) 0418 401 180
Karina Natt (Senator Waters) 0419 626 725

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