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WA would lose $800m investment if the RET was scrapped

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 14 Sep 2014

The Western Australia renewable energy sector would cop an $800 million cut in investment if the Abbott Government scraps the successful Renewable Energy Target.

By accepting the recommendations of the Warburton Review, the disastrous move could see up to $10.7 billion of renewable energy investment driven into overseas markets and threaten 21,000 direct employees nationally.

Greens Senator for WA Scott Ludlam said WA had the one of the highest rates of solar uptake in the country with 156,544 houses now sourcing their energy from solar - 16 per cent of households.

"A study by the Greens shows that WA's poorer suburbs have the highest uptake in solar, which has collectively saved $87 million a year or $560 per household," he said.

"WA is in a unique position to be the best investors in clean energy with our plentiful sunshine and independent energy market.

"WA now boasts 414 accredited solar installers and scrapping the RET would result in a loss of thousands of local jobs. The Greens has shown that if more investment into clean energy was supported, another 27,000 jobs could be created."

WA Senator Rachel Siewert said: "WA has already lost its AAA credit rating because of a reliance on iron ore - we need to think smarter," she said.

"Tony Abbott and Colin Barnett are both prioritising the interests of big business and big polluters ahead of the WA community. This undermines efforts to reduce power bills and address the effects of climate change that are already impacting on our state, our oceans and our agriculture.

"The Federal Government's rhetoric is all about getting people into work, but at the same time they're trying to rip money out of new industries that will provide new employment opportunities in the years to come," Senator Siewert concluded.


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