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WA workers being left behind again

Western Australian workers are once again being betrayed by a state Liberal government that wants to play political games with their working lives, say the Australian Greens.

"With the mining boom coming to an end with massive job losses, this is a time when WA workers need job security and a robust safety net," said Greens Industrial Relations spokesperson Senator Rachel Siewert.

Despite the experience of Work Choices and the comprehensive rejection of its key elements by the Australian people at the last federal election, the WA government looks set to try and re-introduce statutory individual agreements, exempt small business employees from unfair dismissal protections and limit freedom of association.

"The Senate Committee heard yesterday from Professor Andrew Stewart that reform of industrial relations will not be a significant factor in unemployment and that there was no evidence to suggest that the deregulation of industrial relations has any effect on productivity."

"The WA government is doing the bidding of business to the detriment of ordinary workers," said Senator Siewert.

"WA workers have been on the front-line of the industrial relations fight for many years, and now is not the time for some of the most vulnerable workers to once again lose protections at the hands of a Liberal Government who puts ideology before the ordinary people."

"Mr Buswell also needs to clarify how he will deal with the grey areas of jurisdiction, particularly the non-government sector where organisations may be in the federal jurisdiction one year and the state jurisdiction another year. The jurisdictional mess needs to be sorted out to give the stability all sides in this debate want to see," she concluded.

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