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Villawood must be closed: Greens

The annual inspection report on conditions in immigration detention centres released today by HREOC is an urgent reminder that the new Government has much work to do to create a humane refugee policy.

"The first thing the Government must do is to close down Villawood detention centre immediately," said Senator Rachel Siewert today.

"HREOC has once again recommended Villawood be demolished with the Human Rights Commissioner, Graeme Innes calling it a 'disgrace'. There can be no more excuses for Villawood to remain open," she said.

"As the HREOC report notes many detainees are still being held in detention for far too long with serious consequences for their mental and physical health."

"The Greens call on the Government to end mandatory detention and introduce a humane and compassionate system for processing asylum seekers," concluded Senator Siewert.

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