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Truth Justice and Healing key to addressing First Nations Peoples disadvantage

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 15 Feb 2019

The Reconciliation Australia barometer report reveals a shift in Australian attitudes to Reconciliation particularly in regards to telling the truth about our shared history with 80% of people surveyed considering truth telling important.  

"This is what we saw on January 26, across Australia. People not wanting to celebrate a day of mourning, Australians marched on Invasion Day because they want to tell the truth about our history," Senator Rachel Siewert said. 

"The report has found that overwhelmingly Australians want justice and healing for First Nations peoples. 

"It's now up to the Government to make it a priority to support a process of truth telling, a pathway to treaties and a constitutionally enshrined Voice to Parliament.

"The Prime Minister will give his Close the Gap report to Parliament this week and the Government should make a commitment to the Uluru Statement including The Voice to Parliament, truth telling and treaties.

"Top down approaches have failed time and again and it is time for the Government to commit to Close the Gap targets centred on self determination."

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