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Time for treaty 

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 9 May 2019

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert today announced that the Australian Greens would stand with the Message Stick Walk to take care of unfinished business and start a Treaty process to heal the nation.

The one year 8,500km Message Stick Walk led by Alwyn Doolan and backed by over 50 Sovereign First Nations peoples will reach Canberra election weekend to deliver the message that a newly elected Government must negotiate a treaty that guarantees self determination, sovereignty, and the inherent rights of First Nations peoples as the traditional owners of the land, water, natural resources and sky.

Senator Rachel Siewert strongly supports the commitment to self determination at the heart of the Message Stick Walk’s path to a Treaty.

“As part of addressing our unfinished business, we need to negotiate treaties with First Nations peoples now," Senator Siewert said.

Senator Siewert urged all Australians and politicians to get behind the walk.

“Resolving the issues of sovereignty and treaty is more than a legal necessity, it’s a responsibility. 

“Accepting the message sticks would send a powerful message that the Australian Government is committed to a truly meaningful Treaty process.

“We need Government policies and practices to respect the right of First Nations peoples to self-determination, to free, prior informed consent, improvement of their social and economic conditions, to be part of decision-making.

“It’s time that all political parties acknowledged the truth about our shared history, listen to First Nation peoples when they tell this truth and be part of addressing the contemporary consequences of invasion and the intergenerational trauma, the resulting dispossession and marginalisation that is part of our unfinished business."

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