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A strong social safety net is not ‘bad debt’, it is a duty of care and an investment

Treasurer Scott Morrison’s speech to economists today that refers to ‘bad debt’ as ‘racking up debts’ for welfare payments shows his lack of understanding of our social safety net and that he is still set on vilifying Australia’s most vulnerable rather than fixing burgeoning inequality, Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

“Spending public money on a strong social safety net that supports people when they are out of work, sick or have a disability should not be framed as ‘bad debt’ by the Federal Government. It is duty of care and an investment in the future.

“It allows people to keep their head above the water when the going through tough times and helps them get back on their feet. I would say ‘bad debt’ is actually 'loaning' a billion dollars to overseas billionaires so they build huge dirty coal mines on Australian soil.

“Scott Morrison today reaffirmed his refusal to consider a turn to revenue raising such as addressing negative gearing and capital gains tax. Any policy that effects his wealthy mates with big property portfolios is apparently off the table.  

“It is time the Government stepped away from constantly trying to erode the social safety net for vulnerable Australians. It is cruel and is making life tougher for people in the community”.

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