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Stimulus package has significant holes that leave people on low incomes vulnerable

The Greens say that the Government’s response to supporting people on low incomes and income support is piecemeal and will leave vulnerable people behind. 
"I’m deeply concerned about families on Newstart with children and parents on parenting payment single - there is no additional payment for children in the stimulus package which will seriously hurt these families. There needs to be an additional payment for each child," Senator Rachel Siewert said.

“The Government should delay the start of the Jobseeker Payment, it will be confusing for people as they start claiming sick allowance and take valuable Centrelink staff time.

"They also need to suspend the liquid assets waiting period for casual and gig economy workers and allow access to the payment before someone gets a medical certificate.

“Mutual obligations for all programs requiring them need to be suspended from now.

"Does the Government really think it’s going to be a good idea for those with mutual obligation requirements to be attending appointments, turning up for work for the dole and meetings during this time?
“It is a failure of Government that they did not include an increase to Newstart and Youth Allowance in the stimulus package despite clear advice from economists of the economic benefits and the fact that those on Newstart are living in deep poverty.

“The COVID-19 crisis is highlighting the ongoing issues with Centrelink and the job-provider system that the Government has ignored and been failing to address for years now." 

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