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Standing up on GMOs

Genetically modified foods have not been proven safe and the advertised benefits of GM crops are yet to be seen. Crop yields have not increased, but the use of pesticides on our food has.

GMOs contaminate at all levels of the food chain, but non-GM farmers must bear the cost of cleaning up GMO contamination and Australians still don't know if their food has GM ingredients.

Unlike the old parties, the Greens have a plan to protect farmers and consumers from the effects of genetically modified organisms:

  • We'll start work on a GM Contamination Cleanup Fund, to compensate non-GMO farmers if their crops are contaminated. It would be paid for with a levy on GM companies.
  • We'll introduce comprehensive, mandatory labelling for GM so that all foods containing any ingredient produced using GM would be clearly labelled.
  • New evidence suggests that current assessments for GM crops don't test for all the risks they need to. We'll set up a thorough inquiry to make sure our assessments are as rigorous as possible.

Download our full plan to protect our food system from GMOs here.

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