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Senate recognises threats to wetlands

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 7 Feb 2007

Senator Rachel Siewert expressed hope that Government support today for a Senate motion on the wetlands of the Murray-Darling basin will be followed with concrete action.


"All parties supported the Greens motion expressing concern at the state of the nations' wetlands. The Senate noted that a recent report by the Inland Rivers Network on wetlands in crisis found that 'changes in river flows have resulted in the loss of 90% of floodplain wetlands in the Murray-Darling Basin."


"I am hopeful that Government support for this motion means the Prime Minister has changed his mind on the draining of wetlands," said Senator Siewert. "This damaging idea was floated at the brief 'Melbourne Cup' water summit in November. It was an outrageous idea then and should be killed off forever."


"Immediate action must be taken to return water to our precious wetlands before it is too late," said Senator Siewert. "This motion places the health of the nation's wetlands at the centre of water management planning."


"I hope our new water Minister Malcolm Turnbull is taking an active interest in the outcomes of the Government's review of the health of Australia's 64 Ramsar Wetlands," concluded Senator Siewert.

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