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Senate passes motion calling for meaningful Commonwealth Development Program (CDP) opportunities

“I thank First Nations Media for briefing MP’s during the August sitting period on the work they are doing and opportunities they are offering First Nations peoples across Australia, Senator Rachel Siewert said.

“I was disheartened to learn that work experience and volunteering at the First Nations Media broadcast network isn’t being counted towards the Commonwealth Development (CDP) obligations.

 “It’s extremely disappointing that the Government won’t let those they have subjected to this racist and discriminatory program do work that will actually help them get a job, like volunteering at the local radio station or helping preserve archives.

“First Nations media provide both meaningful professional and cultural opportunities, particularly in remote regions.

“If First Nations people are going to be subjected to CDP then they should at least be allowed to take meaningful opportunities when they arise such as volunteering at First Nations broadcasting network during their ‘work’ hours.”

The motion reads: 

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