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Senate passes Bill that fails to properly address discrimination for people with disability in the workforce

The Australian Greens are extremely disappointed that the recommitted Business Services Wage Assessment Tool (BSWAT) Bill has passed the Senate, saying that it fails to address fundamental discrimination against people with disability.

"The clear message from the people with disabilities and peak disability organisations was that this Bill should not have passed the Senate, it is such a shame that people with disability affected now have to choose between a lump sum or class action.

"People with Disability were substantially underpaid under this tool. This bill means those affected will only be paid 50% of the wages they are owed, in accepting this they must now waive legal rights to pursue compensation through the courts before accessing the payment

“Amendments put by the ALP meant those affected could receive the lump sum then pursue the remainder in a class action were supported by the Australian Greens, it is disappointing these amendments did not get up.

“This Bill continues the unfairness of the BSWAT in that people affected will be inadequately compensated for loss of wages. We need stronger measures to support people with disability in the workforce and make sure that they are paid a wage they deserve.

"Government should be doing all they can to support people with disability into employment. This Bill does not deliver that outcome”.

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