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Senate Estimates on Live Animal Exports, Whaling, GE & Natural Resource Management

To follow on from Tim H's post on Senate Estimates transcripts, I thought I'd also post a few links to some of the more interesting discussions coming out of estimates.

Rach asked some questions on Live Animal Exports, in particular around those Memorandum of Understandings that the Australian Government have with countries to which we export live animals.
The Government were quick to defend the possible leasing of the Oceanic Viking ship to the Japanese, for 'scientific research'. I posted about this a few days back, but still worth a read in its entirety.

Genetically Modified foods continues to be an issue, particularly following the WA Government's calls for a halt on all Genetically Modified food approvals until they are fully tested for safe human consumption and rigorous national labelling laws are in place. Yet another misleading report from ABARE was scrutinised under Estimates, where it was revealed that the Bureau based their report on the assumption there would be a 100% take-up of GE crops.

Later today we shall tackle the Food Standards issues surrounding labelling of GM products in food.
Our usual concerns around Caring for our Country were again raised after the Government were unable to give a coherent account of funding priority guidelines. You can read some of it here, followed up the next day here.

The issues surrounding ongoing funding for Landcare are covered here.

More as they come.

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