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Senate backs Greens call for Live Export Inquiry

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 16 Jun 2011


The Senate has today backed the Australian Greens motion for an Inquiry into the role played by Meat and Livestock Australia and other organisations into the inhumane treatment of animals in Indonesia.

“This will be a prompt, public and transparent process which will deliver some important answers about how the animals in Indonesia were allowed to suffer such appalling treatment,” Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson for animal welfare said today.

“The Senate Inquiry will investigate and report into the role and effectiveness of Government, Meat and Livestock Australia, Livecorp and relevant industry bodies in improving animal welfare standards in Australia’s live export markets.

“The representatives from these organisations have been in Indonesia; they have visited the abattoirs that we saw so graphically depicted on Four Corners.

“It is important that this inquiry will examine the role of MLA. They have a responsibility to maintain and improve animal welfare standards in Indonesia and clearly this has not occurred.

“Our cattle industry in crisis as a direct result of the failure to maintain animal welfare standards and it is important to know how this happened and determine where the responsibility lies,” Senator Siewert concluded.

The Senate Rural Affairs and Transport Reference Committee for will conduct the inquiry and report by Thursday August 25 2011.

Read the Inquiry's Terms Of Reference

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