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Return airport development to community

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 28 Mar 2007

Senator Rachel Siewert has spoken out in the Senate against the Government's Airports Amendment Bill, pointing to the case of the Perth Airport brickworks as an example of why community organisations and State environmental, heritage and planning bodies should have input into developments on airport land.

The Greens will today move to have non-aviation related developments on airport land subject to State planning laws, which would have prevented the imposition of the brickworks on the eastern metropolitan community.

"The Commonwealth Government is riding roughshod over communities around Australia who happen to live near airports. Nowhere is this more evident than Perth, where the Government is allowing industrial encroachment into the airport buffer zone. The people of Perth's eastern regions have had enough of this kind of haphazard heavy industry dropped in their backyards with no oversight from state environmental, planning or heritage bodies.

"The Greens believe the Airports Act should be amended to allow State planning agencies oversight of what happens on airport land, to prevent these kinds of incompatible developments being forced on the community."

"The Government's Airports Amendment Bill shortens public consultation periods and makes it easier for Commonwealth Ministers to approve incompatible developments. It is the wrong way to go."

"The Perth airport bushland has been described as the 'Kings Park of Wetlands' - it has important biodiversity and Aboriginal heritage values. It is no place for a de-facto heavy industry estate operating outside state law," said Senator Siewert.

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