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Relief that new surge of Jobseekers won't go on Cashless Card 

The Australian Greens say they are pleased that new Jobseekers won’t be condemned to the Cashless Debit Card and have renewed their commitment to seeing the end of the Cashless Debit Card and compulsory income management. 

The Government’s approach doesn't make sense, they say they want to get people on the Jobseeker payment as quickly as possible, but also wanted to subject those in the trial areas to the cashless card which would take much longer to process.
It doesn't make sense for new Jobseekers to have to wait for the outsourced Indue administration of this punitive card and have to deal with the stigma and technical issues associated.

People already subject to the Cashless Debit Card will see this as grossly unfair as they are stuck with it and in fact trial sites were extended by yet another six months on Monday. 
Why should everyone else on income support in the trial sites have to stay on the card and experience hardship. 
There are so many issues in the trial sites which have gone unaddressed for years now and I fear people in the trial sites will continue to be ignored in the current crisis.
Many people can't even pay rent or buy simple cash items like market fruit and goods or second- hand fridges from gumtree and I fear things will only get worse with the unfolding economy and health crisis. 
The Cashless Debit Card is a racist and punitive approach that disproportionately impacts First Nations communities and must be scrapped.

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