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Raising Newstart now an election issue

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today that after over a decade of campaigning for an increase to the Newstart rate, it was refreshing to finally see it become an election issue.

“At long last the dire poverty that people on Newstart are condemned to live in is being recognised, now it must be turned into action," Senator Rachel Siewert said.

“I’ve introduced four private members bills to increase Newstart since I’ve been in Parliament. 

“The community know it is not acceptable that this payment hasn’t been raised for 25 years.

“The major parties need to get on board with the community, economists and the social services sector and commit to raising the rate of Newstart as a priority after the election.

“Both major party leaders keep going on about fair go. But no one gets a fair go when they are forced to live in poverty on $40 a day looking for jobs that are simply not there.

“There is no fair go in this country while people looking for work are condemned to live in poverty.

“With inequality on the rise, we can’t keep favouring the super wealthy and the big corporate donors of the Liberal and Labor parties or keep trying to buy votes through tax cuts."

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