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Radiation safety fell off the back of a truck

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 17 Jan 2007

The recovery of a radoactive cannister by the side of the road just outside Badgingarra is a warning sign for supporters of a greatly expanded nuclear industry in Western Australia, according to Senator Rachel Siewert.

The radioactive source lay by the side of the road for two months before it was discovered by a Main Roads crew on Tuesday, fortunately undamaged.

"If radiation safety regulations in WA are unable to safeguard small numbers of these devices, I struggle to imagine how public safety can be guaranteed when we have several of John Howard's nuclear power stations in our backyard," Senator Siewert said.

"If the containment of this sealed source had been damaged, people could have been seriously injured. The Radiological Council needs to take a good look at how trafficking in these devices is managed in Western Australia, and I look forward to the outcomes of the review to be conducted on Friday."

Senator Siewert acknowledged the work of the WA Health Department, FESA and the WA Police in recovering the device.

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