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Rachel Siewert receives Missen Award for integrity in politics

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 13 Sep 2017

I would like to congratulate my dear friend and colleague Senator Rachel Siewert for winning the prestigious Missen Award for integrity in politics.

Rachel has been an outstanding advocate and member of parliament, who has dedicated her time as a Senator to assisting the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our community.

It is pretty well known in Parliament House across party lines that Rachel is one of the hardest working Senators in this place.

As a senate committee chair she has a reputation for getting consensus on committee reports that lead to real outcomes.

Notably, of the ten references inquiries the committee completed during the 44th Parliament, only three of the committee reports had dissenting reports attached, a testament to Rachel’s ability to forge consensus and achieve common outcomes.

In the 43rd Parliament, Rachel’s Low Aromatic Fuel Bill 2012 passed both houses of Parliament; one of the few Private Senators’ Bills in parliamentary history to become law.

The Act gives the government power to mandate low aromatic fuel and make it an offence to supply regular fuel in particular places, complementing existing strategies and programs aimed at reducing petrol sniffing. This has resulted in a tangible reduction in petrol sniffing in remote and regional communities and has been embraced by the Government.

On behalf of the Senate team and beyond, thank you Rachel for your tireless work and advocacy that spans beyond a decade. Your unwavering integrity is treasured by all.

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