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Questioning on anti-radicalisation kit produces unconvincing reasoning for shark cull photo

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 21 Oct 2015

"Recently the Government released an ‘Anti Radicalisation Kit’ which discussed combating extremism and pictured an image of the peaceful #‎noWAsharkcull protest that I attended with thousands of Western Australians early last year”, said Senator Rachel Siewert.  

“After the community rejected the image as part of the kit, it was promptly removed online.

“On Tuesday in Estimates the Department told me that the image of the peaceful protesters in the kit was in fact ‘misinterpreted’ and was supposed to demonstrate what radicalisation ‘is not’.

“Even though the heading under the photo said ‘What is radicalisation?’ the Department claimed the image was supposed to show a peaceful protest which is a ‘legitimate forms of expression’.

“The Government needs to admit they got it wrong and apologise, people concerned about our oceans that attended rallies nationally were upset that they were perpetuated as ‘radical’ and could be aligned with extremists. 

“This is clearly an attempt to justify an error of judgment that caused community backlash. No one is buying this”.

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