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Queensland shark cull by-catch report shows the state must move to effective non-lethal measures

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 27 Aug 2015

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert has said recently released figures showing the amount of by-catch killed in Queensland nets and drumlines shows why Western Australian’s rejected drumlines along their coasts last year.

“Australians fundamentally value healthy oceans and looking after our marine life. Anyone reading the figures from Queensland’s nets and drumlines from 2009-2014 would be understandably distressed.

“There is no evidence that drum-lines decrease shark attacks. Evidence instead points to non-lethal measures that genuinely reduce attacks rather than indiscriminately killing sharks that are simply in their natural habitat.

“An analysis of Queensland’s drumline showed shark fatalities had significantly decreased there before drum lines were introduced, and their introduction did not make further change to the rate of shark fatalities.

“58 common dolphins and 71 cownose rays killed (amongst many others) is just atrocious. An expensive and ineffective measure that doesn’t increase safety should not be wiping out marine life at this rate.  

“Queensland must move towards non-lethal measures such as shark proof enclosures, shark shield personal deterrent devices,  and the  ‘Sharkspotters’ program, which is used in Cape Town, South Africa.

“Queensland must also move to increase public education about local sharks risks and behaviour”.

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