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People thrown off DSP onto Newstart struggling to meet harsh requirements

Estimates has revealed the number of people temporarily suspended for medical reason from having to meet requirements as a job seeker under JobActive has jumped from 20% to 25%.

In addition the number of people receiving suspension from mutual obligations has also increased, so the number of people with medical suspension has increased significantly.

“The Government is reassessing people with disability against the changed eligibility criteria for Disability Support Pension (DSP);  many people are being dropped onto the much lower payment of Newstart and consequently have to meet the job seeking requirements for receiving that payment”, Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

“I have been contacted by people who have been dumped onto Newstart who have lost payments because they are too unwell to attend interviews, or meet other so called mutual obligation requirement, or are concerned that they will suffer a penalty.

“I fear that the increase in people temporarily suspended from having to meet these mutual obligations because of medical reasons may be linked to the fact that so many people have been dumped off DSP. 

“Given some of the concerns expressed to me, I'm also concerned that some people do not know they can apply for a suspension.

“I urge the Government to abandon its harsh attack on the eligibility of the DSP. We do not need to find savings with this vulnerable cohort of the community”.

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