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People shouldn't be going hungry in this country 

At the beginning of anti-poverty week Foodbank Australia has released their Hunger Report which has found that one in five Australians went hungry in the last twelve months with women being more likely to experience food insecurity.

"It's heartbreaking that in a country as wealthy as Australia that people in our community are going without food. This should not be happening in 2019," Australian Greens spokesperson on Community Services Senator Rachel Siewert said. 

"Food should never be a discretionary item, but it is becoming more and more the case in Australia and it's meaning that children are going without food. 

"This has a huge impact not only on their day to day lives but for their future and in the long term being able to access employment and education.

"With disturbing figures like these it's absolutely clear that we need to urgently increase Newstart. 

'Australia does not even have a definition of poverty, we need to be doing more starting with increasing Newstart."

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