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People with cognitive impairment restrained whilst in detention should be investigated by a restarted senate inquiry: Greens

Newly elected Senator Rachel Siewert will move to restart the inquiry into the indefinite detention of people with cognitive impairment saying that the news a restraint chair was used on an Aboriginal man with cognitive impairment makes it even more essential that the inquiry be restarted.

“We know that the restraint chair is being used on people with cognitive impairment in detention, this must be urgently investigated by the senate inquiry that I will move to resume”, Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

"It is outrageous that the Federal Government and particularly the Attorney General Senator Brandis has known about this type of abuse for a number of years.

"In brushing off this treatment, the Federal Government have turned their back on people with disability. This appalling treatment needs the Federal Government's urgent attention.

“We must investigate the restraint of people with cognitive impairment in detention, a method rejected by the community.

“Evidence is showing that Corrections legislation needs to be amended in order to provide the same level of checks and balances around the use of restraints. The correctional system should have to meet the same standards as disability services when it comes to people in their facilities.

“I look forward to pursuing this inquiry and shedding some light on this issue. The community is now seeing the impact of race to the bottom to be ‘tough on crime’. Prisons are not the place for people with cognitive impairment who are found unfit to plead”.

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