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One month extension to Mutual Obligations suspension is a temporary solution 

"I am pleased that Minister Cash has agreed to extend the suspension of Mutual Obligations by another month, however it’s only a temporary solution. 

"Mutual Obligations need to be suspended for six months, other programs like Jobkeeper and the Jobseeker supplement run for six months because the Government knows this is an on-going evolving situation that people need to be supported through. 

"This ad-hoc approach to Mutual Obligations is very unfair to people accessing our social safety net who are already under additional stress during this period, with additional costs and difficulty accessing Mygov and Centrelink call centres on top of the fact that the jobs just aren’t there.

"They do not need the threat of payment suspension or losing a payment looming over their head. 

"My office has been contacted by many people very worried about this and potentially having to go out while social distancing measures are in place. 

"With the unprecedented number of people now applying for income support, and the strain this will place on employment service providers it is the ideal time to reset how we support jobseekers. 

"We must move to a supportive model that meets people's needs and focuses on supporting people rather than punishing them. 

"I will be monitoring this situation very closely." 
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