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NT Intervention fundamentally flawed: report

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 13 Aug 2007

"It is obvious from the Senate Inquiry held on Friday that the NT Intervention Bills are fundamentally flawed," said Senator Rachel Siewert today.

The Australian Greens tabled a dissenting report on the inquiry in the senate this evening which highlights serious problems with the legislation behind the government's NT plan.

"The Greens have deep reservations with the detail of these Bills. They are illogical and unworkable."
"Even the Government members on the Committee acknowledged serious problems with the Bills, when it became clear during the Inquiry that the compensation provisions lacked clarity and that there was an urgent need for more alcohol rehabilitation and counselling services in the Northern Territory."

"The power granted to the Minister over the lives of Aboriginal Australians in the Northern Territory is extraordinary and unwarranted," said Senator Siewert.

"The Scrutiny of Bills Committee also noted that a number of the provisions may be considered to trespass unduly on personal rights and liberties; may be considered to make rights, liberties or obligations unduly dependent upon non-reviewable decisions; may be considered to delegate legislative powers inappropriately; and may be considered to insufficiently subject the exercise of legislative power to parliamentary scrutiny."

"The Greens are opposing these Bills because they are racially discriminatory and are unable to achieve the objective of making children safer."

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